Jaimie, his face a mask of lesions

Skin had stitched itself closed. She probed the swollen mound above his shoulder with careful fingers. He was like a furnace, and http://oneeyedeer.com/ he shuddered beneath the cool caress of her touch. What do I do? she asked in a whisper. He didn't answer, and panic had her hovering over his body, his good wing pressing against her chest, so that she could look into his face. Uriel? she hissed, shaking him, hoping to get him to open his buy instagram followers eyes though she didn't know what good it would do. You have to tell me how to fix this, you have to– Her voice trailed off when she caught sight of the ash marring his flesh, and she dropped the knife with a curse. The mark was peeking out from the top of his tunic, and she scrambled over him until she was crouching directly before him. Her hands shook as she began unbuttoning the front of his tunic. They were all over him, the handprints made of ash. They coated the center of his chest where his heart would be and traveled up along his shoulder, back where the infection sat. Defiance placed her own hand over his chest, unsurprised to find that the handprint matched her own in size and shape. She could feel the sickness in him, for at her touch it seemed to take up residence in her as well. It was swimming in him, traveling through bloodstreams. Soon buy instagram followers it would reach his heart, and when that happened, it would kill him. She felt the knowledge sear through her, burning into her mind, and she jerked her hand away from his chest with a low sound of frustration. On one hand, she could see how letting the demon die would be the smart thing to do. But on the other hand, she couldn't fathom letting him go. She told herself that it was because they'd made a deal with one another, but not so deep down she knew it had something to do with that half smile and the way he reached for her whenever he found himself in unfamiliar surroundings. Picking the knife up once more, she moved back around him so that she could examine his back more carefully, determined to do something before the healer arrived and made their need for secrecy a moot point. If the infection was killing him, then it only made sense to get it out. Defiance vaguely remembered instagram reading about such practices in the history books in school when they'd been studying ancient cultures. For the first time, she wished that she'd paid closer attention in class. The skin of the wound felt tight. Too tight. Taking a deep breath, she placed the blade over the nearly healed cut she'd made a few days prior. No human healed as fast as he had, and she prayed that he recovered from this just as quickly. Before she could talk herself out of it, she pressed the knife in deep and reopened the wound. This time, he screamed. The sound was agonizing, and Defiance had to buy instagram followers bite her lip to keep tears from falling. As buy instagram followers it was she felt weak, shaky, and the knife dropped from her bloodless fingers as blood and green tinged pus flowed. She forced herself to place her hands on him, to press her palms on either side of the instagram wound and push so that even more of the foul smelling pus was forced from inside of his body. Moving quickly now, she gathered rags and dunked them in the hot water, crying out as the heat scalded